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My Musing After Reading House of Hades (SPOILERS IN THE POST IN CASE YOU DIDN'T SEE THE ALERT!!!)

The House of Hades - Rick Riordan

Hold on....



Give it a second to sink in.....









Okay, now onto my thoughts on major events in the book. 



While reading this book, I got absorbed, like, really, absorbed. I could rarely put it down, and that was only because my teacher was mad, or I had to eat/GoodReads.


As for major events in this book, Frank. 


MAJOR badass in this one. I think he definitely deserves the blessing of Ares in the times that he gets it, and he also deserves the twenty second fat loss fitness routine that somehow just made him buff. (can I get one?)


Nico coming out with the G-bomb. this didn't catch me by surprise, because I had heard about it from a "friend" (friends don't let friends hear spoilers.) I think it was well done, and I have no problem with it, I just was a little sudden, with not a lot of buildup. It was like Rick Riordan was all 

BOOM! Gay. just like that. 


Tartarus. Tartarus was awesome,(Probably the first time that's been said.) all the old mythology, references to old books, and other goodies. I like the Nyx part, along with Titan Bob and Damasen, (After reading that part, I said hello to the stars. Did you?) I just thought that it was a really good thing to do, and it was well done, and then the battle with Tartarus... It was just really good. 


Now, one last thing to say, Leo and Calypso. Unofficial ship name, (My idea for the name) Caleo. Anyway, I think this needs to happen. They were so cute, the way she didn't like him at first, and then fell in love with him anyway... yeah. I loved it, and it made me happy, and I'm rambling, but it's good, and I loved it. 



All in all book thoughts, seventeen out of five stars, and I can't wait for the next book. 



(Can anyone send me a taco through the internet? I've got a hankering.)